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I am a Southport (UK) author and ardent campaigner with special interests in: Paganism, Occultism, Spirituality, Ufology, Mythology, the Natural Environment, Photography, Politics the Paranormal and Angling. 


Blind unquestioning conformity tends to be the enemy of free will, action, and thought. Fear of being different is what keeps many people in line. This ultimately means they stay on the eternal hamster wheel that others have shrewdly prepared for them, all of their controlled lives.


As soon as we draw lines in the sand and cling on to old ideas of identity (which the mind-controllers in politics and religion, etc, have carefully crafted for us), we are ultimately doomed. Identity breeds blind conformity and anyone who fails to share the same identity is deemed an enemy. We only need ONE label, which is called HUMANITY. 



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