For what it’s worth, here is a little bit of information about yours truly…..


I am a Lancashire lad, born and bred.  I have four children and several grandchildren too.


Career-wise, I have been involved in many various things including the following:


I was a professional tree surgeon and climber working extensively during the time of the dreaded Dutch elm disease that destroyed so many lovely mature trees in the 1970s. I also planted many local trees including what is now mature woodland on the outskirts of Ainsdale, Southport. Incidentally, I am now, all these years later, involved in an eco-project to conserve and improve the woodland. This is called Woodvale Woodland Project (WWP) and I run the blog also. 

NB. The latter project later ran into troubles after some of us whistle blowers exposed serious failings in the health, insurance and safety situation therein. For our honest concerns we were 'banned' by Sefton Council from working in the very project we had created.   


I later trained as a surgical chiropodist and spent many years treating patients within the Sefton area in rest homes, hospitals and on a private basis.


I have always been an artist for as long as I can remember and have exhibited/sold many works in the Southport Palette Club’s Atkinson Art Gallery over numerous years.


I like to write too and have several published book on the go. Writing keeps me very busy these days.  It also gets me into more mischief at times, as many of the subjects broached tend to be very controversial.


I have also been involved in Goju Karate, Kung Fu and Judo having trained with some of the original hardmen in their respective games. I later trained and qualified as a reflexologist, sports masseur, acupressure therapist,  etc and once ran a holistic healing centre.  


I am a passionate campaigner for minority rights and I founded PAN (Pagan Anti-Defamation Network) after seeing the dangerous apathy within the UK’s Pagan Federation at the time of the Satanic Ritual Child Abuse Myth (SRAM). PAN is affiliated to SAFF (Sub-culture Alternatives Freedom Foundation).


I have also been involved in the cutting edge of local politics, after seeing the mess my town was in thanks to egotistical dictators who are expert at manipulating public opinion. Much of this was recorded in my book, Dirty Politics.


I have also committed a great deal of time to UFO and paranormal research and this is all explained in my book, UFO: The search for Truth. 


I have also been an enthusiastic eco-campaigner over the years as you will see if you examine this site in more detail.


I am a keen photographer and I also fish (mainly dry fly) whenever I can. I used to teach fly dressing (previously a Benson and Hedges competition winner) at country game fairs and college etc some time ago. I also love to make vintage-style floats, some of which I have sold on ebay etc. My latest book is called 'Fly Fishing on Wlid Becks'...


I tend to be antisocial as I hate crowds, get bad-tempered (Mr Grumpy) in busy shopping centres and am happiest alone on some bleak, northern stream, with a fishing rod in my hand and nothing but the lapwings and curlews for company. However, I have appeared on both UK and US TV and radio speaking about issues close to my heart.


I do 'not' suffer fools, yet believe good friends are hard to find and well worth looking after. I am deeply suspicious of anyone who likes to surround themselves with shed fulls of grinning/chatting admirers. 


Being a Pagan, nature is my deepest inspiration. I believe one will find more 'genuine' spirituality within a woodland glade or mountainside than in any man-made structure. 


I learnt at a very early age that the intolerant fundamentalism behind my Catholic (cane and strap) upbringing was all based on lies and indoctrinated religious deceit instilled on the trusting masses, via clever Church propaganda. I have spent a lifetime explaining all this in books and articles like ones I have written for UFO Digest etc.


The above is just a very brief sketch of what I get up to, as time and space are limited.....